Our Office

Our office is located at 706 DeMers Ave, East Grand Forks, MN (just east of city hall).

Our office was thoughtfully designed and built in 2002 and is a very comfortable, modern practice. We are fully handicap accessible. Our entry has a place to hang your coats as well as an area for children. Each operatory has its own window and digital x-ray equipment. We also have a panoramic x-ray machine in-office. We have a separate consultation room where treatment can be discussed and questions can be answered in a more comfortable setting. In the very back of the office we have our own lab where we take the time to initiate the lab process in-office as a quality control step giving both dentists ample opportunity to assess their own work and the lab’s work before it is delivered to the patient.

Take a tour of our office

  • <strong>The Office</strong> Our office was thoughtfully designed and built in 2002. We have all of the amenities and technology you would expect from a modern practice.
  • <strong>The Front Desk</strong> Mary and Laurie will greet you when you walk in the door and help you fill out any required forms.
  • <strong>The Consult Room</strong> The consult room is a private space for you to meet with one of our dentists to discuss treatment plans and to get answers to any questions you have in a more comfortable setting.
  • <strong>The Operatories</strong> Each operatory is large, comfortable, and well lit.
  • <strong>The Lab</strong> We have our own lab where your dentist will start the lab process in the office. We use this room to assess our own work and any work we receive from another lab before delivering anything to the patient.

Demers Dental
706 DeMers Ave
East Grand Forks, MN 56721