Dr. Jay Anderson

After almost thirty-eight years of practicing dentistry in Grand Forks, I have decided to transition into a new chapter of life. Looking back over those years brings fond memories of the relationships that I have developed with my patients. I feel extremely gratified in that I have helped guide three generations of families to better dental health.

What's next for me as a patient?

I am happy to announce that Dr. Chelsea Erickson and Dr. Paul Stadem of DeMers Dental in East Grand Forks are purchasing my practice. They will assume responsibility for your continued care beginning in January of 2015. I feel great reassurance and comfort in knowing they will continue caring for you with the same level of commitment to the high quality dental treatment you deserve. Dr. Erickson, Dr. Stadem and I share a philosophy that integrity and mutual respect in the building and maintaining of relationships with each person is the center of dental care.

I know Dr. Erickson, Dr. Stadem and all of our staff members are dedicated to bringing the best care to you, your family and friends. I highly recommend that you choose them to continue your dental care.

- Dr Jay Anderson

More about DeMers Dental

We are proud to take over your care and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Our primary concern is the care of each patient and our goal is to make all patients feel like they are heard and appreciated, regardless of their dental situation.

Please Contact Us with any questions or to set up an appointment.